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Nose Paw & Elbow Balms 2 oz Tins for Yorkshire Terrier

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Paw Balm, color 001 $14.99
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Nose Balm, color 001 $14.99
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Elbow Balm, color 001 $14.99

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Healthy Breeds balms will moisturize and condition your dog's nose, paws and elbows. Using all natural and organic ingredients, the balm will be absorbed into your dog's skin to begin the healing process. Perfect for cracked, dried and splitting skin. Try to DISTRACT to allow product to be absorbed. There are no active ingredients and will not harm your dog if they lick the balm.

- 100% organic and all natural ingredients that will hydrate, moisturize and condition the Nose to relieve pain and help with cracking or splitting
- The Unscented formula is filled with soothing butters and oils to provide quick and long lasting results
- With no active ingredients, the product is safe to ingest
- Manufactured in the USA where each ingredient is ethically sourced and cosmetic grade