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Does your dog need vitamins? It depends. If your dog eats a high quality commercial dog food that you have complete confidence in, then he is probably fine to do without. But if you're not sure of the commercial diet, or if you feed a home-prepared diet, or if your dog just doesn't seem to be all he should be, it's usually a good idea to add a high quality multi-vitamin.

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Vitamins are important for your dog's health as well as appearance. For example, fatty acids are important for skin and coat health, but protein, vitamins and minerals are equally important. Vitamins and minerals important for skin and coat health include:

  • Vitamin A: For skin growth and repair
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): For fat and protein metabolism
  • Vitamin E: For protection from oxidant damage to skin
  • Biotin: For protein utilization
  • Copper: For protein synthesis and tissue pigment
  • Zinc: For fat and protein metabolism

Never attempt to cobble together a list of minerals and vitamins on your own. Instead rely on formulas devised by nutritionists and compounded in high-quality multi-vitamins---such as those we offer.

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