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Dog Treats

Half the fun of sharing your life with a dog is sharing the fun of treat time! But when you're so careful about what your dog eats, too often you don't know what's in the treats you provide. Not only can rawhides pose choking hazards, but too often they're cured with unknown chemicals---often in foreign countries.

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Bully sticks are 100% edible, and parts don't tend to come off in big hunks, like rawhide does. They're dried, not cured in chemicals, and are made in the USA. A 6 inch portion provides about 60 calories, but they're slowly consumed calories---ideal for the weight-watching dog!

Treats are fun, but when it comes to selecting the best for your dog breed, why not make sure they're nutritious? Our treats are specially formulated to combine great taste and good nutrition.

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