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Probiotic Soft Chews for Berger Picard

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Probiotic Soft Chews for Berger Picard, color 001 $19.99

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Healthy Breeds Probiotic Soft chews are the perfect way to support your dog’s digestive system. Formulated with stabilized cultures, this tasty, easy to chew supplement helps maintain your dog’s appetite as well as promote a healthy digestive process. With our gluten free formula, this is a tasty soft chew supplement that your dog will love!.

Healthy Breeds Probiotic Soft Chews are veterinarian formulated to support an overall healthy digestive system. Help provide relief for diarrhea, gas, bad breath, constipation, throwing up, and malabsorption!

With over 1 billion colony forming units, the cultures will help maintain their appetite and support a healthy digestive system!

Our tasty chews are chicken flavored so your dog will think it is treat time!

Made in the USA! Healthy Breeds Probiotic Soft Chews are made in federally regulated manufacturing facilities! Excellent customer service and return policy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!